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SaTT will change the transaction between advertisers and content editors to be instant, transparent and secure! The SaTT is an ERC20 token created to facilitate advertising transactions with a smart contract. No more late payments or expensive banking services. A decentralized system for quantifying the results of a campaign thanks to third-party applications and smart contract.


  1. Start the Telegram bot (JOIN THE AIRDROP)
  2. Register to CIA Newsletter
  3. Join Telegram group
  4. Follow Telegram channel
  5. Follow CIA & SaTT on Twitter
  6. Share the home page or one article of to one of your social network account
  7. Perform the different social tasks to earn up to 1600 SaTT tokens
  8. Complete all tasks to claim an extra bonus worth 400 SaTT tokens
  9. Submit your ETH wallet address and other details to the bot

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