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INGOT Coin [Round 2] (ICC)

coins 5 tokens   tokens 5 $
Ends in 7 day(s) 2,285 views

Spheroid Universe (SPH)

coins 2250 tokens   tokens 225 $
Ends in 2 day(s) 7,809 views

BitcoinBing [Round 2] (BING)

coins 50 tokens   tokens 25 $
Ends in 28 day(s) 206 views

TheFund (TFIO)

coins 30 tokens   tokens 15 $
Ends in 8 day(s) 156 views

Miracle Tele [Round 2] (TELE)

coins 90 tokens   tokens 10.8 $
Ends in 8 day(s) 318 views

CryptoSoul (SOUL)

coins ? tokens   tokens ? $
Ends in 16 day(s) 372 views

Payout (P.O)

coins 3 tokens   tokens 3 $
Ends in 7 day(s) 386 views

Fructus [Round 2] (FRUCTUS)

coins 85 tokens   tokens 25.5 $
Ends in 28 day(s) 436 views

Alpha-X (AX)

coins ? tokens   tokens ? $
Ends in 6 day(s) 594 views

Lendo [Round 2] (ELT)

coins 50 tokens   tokens 43 $
Ends in 7 day(s) 1,979 views

Crypto Circle X [Round 2] (CCX)

coins 1630 tokens   tokens 146.7 $
Ends in 7 day(s) 780 views

Qobit (QOBI)

coins ? tokens   tokens 5 $
Ends in 27 day(s) 370 views

Review.Network [Round2] (REW)

coins 150 tokens   tokens 1.7 $
Ends in 27 day(s) 464 views

X Infinity (XIF)

coins 10 tokens   tokens 3.4 $
Ends TODAY 1,120 views

Fidelity House (FIH)

coins 51 tokens   tokens 2 $
Ends in 24 day(s) 487 views

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop and how to use it?

Cryptocurrencies became very popular during the last couple of years. With new ICOs and tokens appearing on the daily basis airdrops are getting more and more common. If you have no idea what an airdrop is and how to use it, you have come to the right place. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about crypto airdrops and the ways to make money on it.

What exactly is a crypto airdrop?

Cryptocurrency airdrop is a process of free of charge tokens distribution, a kind of a crypto coin giveaway made by its creators. Project developers can organize airdrops both before and after the ICO completion. New blockchain startups need to attract new investors and potential clients, so making an airdrop to distribute coins among interested users for free is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to do it. The long-running projects also use airdrops for promotional purposes sometimes.

The vast majority of free tokens distributed via airdrops use ERC20 standard. It means that you will need an Ethereum wallet to receive them. Usually, the airdrops of crypto currency require users to do something in exchange for free tokens. In the most cases you will need to register at the website, join a Telegram channel, make reposts on the social media, and fill out a Google form with your personal data or simply leave your Ethereum wallet address.

The whole process does not require much time and can be done even by novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Participants of an airdrop will be able to sell coins that they have received for free and gain up to 100 dollars of profit or even more. The exact amount depends on the popularity of the project, so it is better to take part in as many airdrops as it is possible.

Why do airdrops work?

Airdrop of crypto currency is just an alternative to billboards and advertisements. It allows developers of new startups to spread the news about their project on the Internet quickly. Everybody likes free stuff, so it is not surprising why airdrops are so popular. The more people are participating — the more attention the startup receives. It is a win-win situation for both the community and developers.
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