Kaya Network [Round 2] (KAYA)

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Kaya Network is LATTICE80’s vision to build an ecosystem to connect the various stakeholders in Fintech and Blockchain. We bring together Startups, Corporates, Banks, Governments and Public to build next-generation financial services.


  1. Open the Kaya Network Airdrop Page
  2. Join Kaya Network on Telegram
  3. Like Kaya Network on Facebook
  4. Follow Kaya Network on Twitter
  5. You can complete additional tasks via the page to earn additional tokens, all of which are optional but the more tasks you complete, the more tokens you can gain!

Each participant will receive 7 KAYA tokens (8 KAYA tokens = 1 XEM) for each task completed (not including referral) and 5 KAYA tokens for every successful referral.

Required tools


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