Farasha (FLB)

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Farasha - Synthesis of blockchain, AI and medicine, designed to prevent and the development of cardiac pathologies


Required tools:

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  1. Start the Telegram Bot and pass captcha (‘JOIN THE AIRDROP’  button)
  2. Join Telegram announcement
  3. Join Telgram official and ask question or leave a good comment (good, interesting, 5 words minimum). You will be automatically BANNED and WILL NOT GET TOKENS if you write something like “Hello good project”
  4. Join and like Facebook and repost 1 post
  5. Follow Twitter and retweet 1 tweet
  6. Subscribe YouTube and watch 1 video till the end
  7. Follow Reddit and upvote 1 post
  8. Wite a proof of authentication in BitcoinTalk bounty thread
  9. Submit your details to the bot

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