Elepig (EPG)

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Elepig Exchange is aiming to built a trusted and simple exchange to benefit from the opportunities that alt coins can deliver, making the purchase of alt coins as easy and secure as online banking. Elepig wants to become the every person’s cryptocurrency exchange of choice.


Required tools:

  Telegram   Twitter   E-Mail

  1. Join Twitter
  2. Join Telegram 
  3. Sign up on whitelist (use the same email address as you provide in airdrop form)
  4. Go to airdrop form
  5. Choose level of airdrop: Standard – 50 EPG for free airdrop. (Premium is for contributors who buy tokens)
  6. If you refer 5 friends, you get 50 EPG bonus (optional)
  7. Submit airdrop form with your ETH address and other details

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