Digitex (DGTX)

coins 1000 tokens   tokens 40 $
Digitex uses blockchain technology to eliminate transaction fees, decentralize account balances and govern itself autonomously. They cover the cost of running the exchange by creating a small number of new tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees on trades.


  1. Visit the Digitex waitlist page (JOIN THE AIRDROP)
  2. Click on “Join waitlist” and sign up for the waitlist
  3. Verify your mail
  4. Now start referring your friends to the waitlist
  5. Top 10 participants with the most number of points will get 50,000 DGTX each and the top 11 – 500 users will get 1,000 DGTX Tokens each

⚡️DGTX already listed on Coinmarketcap

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