Twogap (TGT)

coins 5000 tokens   tokens 5 $

Twogap is the next generation of Crypto — Cryptobond Platform created based in the blockchain technology. Twogap’s ambition is to dominate the global Cryptobond market


Required tools:

  Telegram   Twitter   E-Mail   Facebook   YouTube

  1. Regiter on the website and confirm your e-mail
  2. Log in and go to the account, from the left in the menu select WHITELIST, enter your ETH wallet and lower the register 1000 click save.
  3. Go to the Telegram, click on the frame bounty, the code must be copied, join the group in the Telegram  and enter your code.
  4. Follow Twitter and enter your nickname.
  5. Follow Facebook, put the kid and send the message again in the message.
  6. Go to the YouTube and subscribe

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