Moneda (MND)

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Moneda is a mobile-first cryptocurrency investment platform. There isn’t enough mobile accessibility in the world of cryptocurrency, and our team realizes that. By further improving mobile accessibility, Moneda aims to fix three main issues for cryptocurrency users that care about having data and information backing their investments. Moneda would like the process of investing in cryptocurrency to be cheap, fast, secure and easy.


Required tools:

  Telegram   Twitter   E-Mail   Facebook   Reddit

  1. Sign Up on Moneda
  2. Verify email
  3. Join our Telegram group
  4. Follow on Twitter (Optional)
  5. Fill out the form
  6. Subscribe to our Reddit. (Optional) (+5 MND)
  7. Make a tweet about why you recommend Moneda. Include our website link ( and tag @getMoneda. (Optional) (+5 MND)
  8. Like and share our Facebook page (Optional)  (+5 MND)
  9. Fill out the form if you completed above steps (Optional)
  10. Invite your friends and earn +5 MND for each referred user that completes Airdrop requires steps. You can find your referral link in dashboard. (Optional)

Airdrop Limited to 50,000 members.

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